Transform Your Future

the æx manifesto

Many people think that career is mostly about today. They say it’s about what you’ve got, what you’ve done, where you’ve been coming from…

Nah, we don’t think so.

‘Cause here in Akinon, when we think about “career” we can be completely sure that the path carries more meaning than the destination. That’s why we’re defining it more like an uncustomary yet customized journey both for you and for us, as a disruptive global software development company.

A journey which enables you to make it yours.

A journey full of possibilities for continuously upgrading your skills, both hard and soft.

A journey of innovating distinctive new ways to do things, every single day.

A journey which has the potential of transforming us based on mutual feedback.

A journey in which you can be the hero of your own adventure as an Akinonian.

And with all that (and a bit more)…

A journey which transforms itself into an æXperience.

Welcome to the Akinonian æXperience: the æX.
It’s about (y)our tomorrow, not today.

P&C Approach

We believe that a CV does not fully describe you. How can it anyway? Because you are more than that. You need an opportunity to show how you communicate with people, the courage to take responsibility, and your willingness to learn more.

So why is this opportunity important for us? It’s because we want every Akinonian to have the power to lead their own career. Think of us as a team of Jedis and yourself as a padawan trying to use the force. We aim to enable you to control this power in the best way possible!

After joining us and becoming a rookie Akinonian, you can join Akinon Academy and improve yourself with exclusively designed trainings. To be honest, going on a single route is kind of boring and old-fashioned. You can discover new routes and transform yourself with us. Remember, your CV can open a door for you in important companies. Once you discover the abilities you don’t have yet, you won’t need the door. Knock, knock… Wake up Neo!

If these fit your future plans, check out our open positions and start to transform yourself now!

Akinon’s wage policy is determined by taking into account many data such as Akinon’s growth target, annual turnover, knowledge, skills, problem solving and responsibility factors of the positions. We call it the grading system.

It is made according to the performance of the Akinonians. Promotions for the January-June performance period are made in July, and promotions for the July-December performance period are made in January. Wage changes are reflected in July and January salaries and paid at the end of the relevant month.

Sshh, what sound is that? Ah okay, your bonus earnings. Akinonians may be entitled to receive bonuses twice a year, in January – June and July – December, according to the determined performance management system. Annual bonus calculations are made over a maximum of one month’s salary (half the salary in each performance period). In addition, if the company’s financial KPIs are met, an additional bonus entitlement is calculated at 0.5 percent of the maximum monthly salary (0.125 salary in each performance period).

The riddle is coming, get ready! Who best describes the legendary Akinonian experience of working, the æX, to someone who doesn’t know? *Deep silence* An Akinonian of course! That’s why we kicked off hunting season and launched our reference system, Bounty Hunters.

If your friend is suitable for the position, let him/her be an Akinonian, work for a minimum of 3 months and get the reward.

10.000 TL for Grade 6 and above developers

5.000 TL for Grade 5 developers

2.000 TL for all other positions

Do you think your voice is not heard in the infinite galaxy? It’s such a sweet mistake. Akinon 1:1 System is a part of our core company culture which every Akinonian has one-on-one meetings with both his/her manager and the People & Culture in the 1st, 3rd and 6th months after starting the job. In these meetings, we review the adaptation process and give mutual feedback. We would like to evaluate the views of Akinonians in Akinon’s organizational transformation.

The universe is an endless place that is constantly changing and adapting to transformation. If we are also in this universe, why not Akinon adapt to transformation? This is a good question. But we also pursued the answers and started to realize medium-long term transformation projects with data from Akinonians, business processes and many other sources. Even as you read this article, we continue to transform and update Akinon in the background. Our greatest inspiration in this regard is all Akinonians.


A story is best told by those who experienced it. As Akinonians, we wanted to introduce ourselves as well as how our work is transforming digital commerce globally. Of course we did it in our own way and we call it the Akinonian Way Of Doing It.